The Next Generation of Emergency and Community Notifications


Below is a list of Common questions About using the Heads Up Community App

Thousands of mobile devices grouped into geographic areas enabling users to receive meaningful content.
It is free to download. The organization that wishes to disseminate information pays a small monthly or annual fee. No contracts.
Heads up Community does not compete with today’s mass emergency notification systems. It is used to enhance those systems by providing a means of collecting mobile devices.
No. A user can choose what geographical area they wish to follow and their areas of interest such as: upcoming festivals, kid’s events, school closings, library events, boil alerts and many more. Only assigned delegates for those categories, can publish information. This prevents the arrival of irrelevant content.
Typically, those are used to inform citizens of emergency events countywide. Heads Up Community is specific to your geographical area of interest. No one is interested in a street closing on the other side of their county.
It is free to the user and keeps them engaged by providing meaningful content which they select when they first download.
No. The Heads Up Community App does not require personal information such as cell number, name, and address. It is anonymous. Just download the app
No. The Heads Up Community App is for disseminating information one way.
Organizations that wish to disseminate information to a group(s) of mobile devices such as: Universities, colleges, emergency management departments, municipalities to name a few
Heads Up Holdings, LLC organization has provided various groups with different communication modalities since 2007.
The ability to choose geographic areas of interest such as State, County, City, or smaller groups that you wish to be informed. Emergency and Community information are sent by authorized trained delegates responsible for disseminating information. No ads, political opinions, games and other stuff that you have no interest. It eliminates all the irritating chatter you receive using social media.